AS 1 – Neuroprotection and neurorepair2018-08-27T16:24:24+00:00

Neuroprotection and neurorepair

Tuesday, 09.10.2018 | 05:30 – 07:15 pm

5:30 –
5:45 pm
Rebecca Sadler
(Munich, Germany)
The role of short-chain fatty acids in post- stroke regeneration.
5:45 –
6:00 pm
Liubov Gorbacheva
(Moscow, Russia)
Inhibition of nuclear factor-κB activation is the key event of anti-inflammatory and protective effects of activated protein C at mast cells and neurons
6:00 –
6:15 pm
Mary Lopez
(Madison, USA)
The microRNA miR-21 protects the brain from focal ischemic stroke as described by the Stroke Academic Industry Therapeutic Roundtable (STAIR) recommendations by inhibiting pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic pathways
6:15 –
6:30 pm
Jordi Pedragosa
(Barcelona, Spain)
Selective Ccr2 gene deletion in myeloid cells impairs spontaneous functional recovery following stroke in mice
6:30 –
6:45 pm
Arnold Szabo
(Budapest, Hungary)
Long-term organotypic culture of the adult human retina: A new reliable method for studying neuroprotection and neurorepair
6:45 –
7:00 pm
Mikko Airavaara
(Helsinki, Finland)
Post-stroke MANF administration facilitates functional recovery and brain repair
7:00 –
7:15 pm
Saema Ansar
(Lund, Sweden)
Combination treatment with U0126 and t-PA reduces adverse effect of delayed t-PA treatment after stroke