AS 4 – Cell-based therapies2018-08-01T14:32:44+00:00

Cell-based therapies

Wednesday, 10.10.2018 | 08:00 – 09:45 am

08:00 –
08:15 am
Mathias Hoehn
(Cologne, Germany)
In stroke, functional connectivity is stabilised by stem cell graft but structural network responds only to ischemic lesion
08:15 –
08:30 am
Marcin Majka
(Kraków, Poland)
Multiple autologous bone marrow-derived 271+ mesenchymal stem cells transplantations overcome drug resistant epilepsy in children – a six year study
08:30 –
08:45 am
Irene Busti
(Firenze, Italy)
Neurons derived from embryonic stem cells extend projections into lesioned brain and promote functional recovery after stroke
08:45 –
09:00 am
Catriona Cunningham
(Manchester, UK)
Investigating the Role of the Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretome in Promoting Repair after Ischaemic Stroke
09:00 –
09:15 am
Liliana Mendonça
(Coimbra, Spain)
Patient-specific iPSC-derived neuroepithelial stem cells for neuroprotection and neuroregeneration in Machado-Joseph disease
09:15 –
09:30 am
Mari Carmen Gómez de Frutos
(Madrid, Spain)
A dose-response in vitro of extracellular vesicles to evaluate their efficacy in an animal model of subcortical stroke
09:30 –
09:45 am
Alba Grayston
(Barcelona, Spain)
Encapsulating Endothelial Progenitor Cell secretome in magnetized biocompatible nanocapsules for targeted cell-free therapy for neurorepair after stroke