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Hot news I

Tuesday, 09.10.2018 | 05:30 – 07:30 pm

05:30 –
05:50 pm
Anna Guijarro
(Maastricht, Netherlands)
Role of NOX5 linked to a NOS-NOX network pharmacology-based combinatory therapy
05:50 –
06:10 pm
Ludwig Aigner
(Salzburg, Austria)
Brain rejuvenation as a molecular approach for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
06:10 –
06:30 pm
Maria Grazia De Simoni
(Mailand, Italy)
Inflammatory events and acute endothelial responses to focal ischemia
06:30 –
06:50 pm
Akihiko Taguchi
(Kobe, Japan)
Therapeutic angiogenesis for neurorepair
06:50 –
07:10 pm
Giorgio Ianello
(Milan, Italy)
High throughput non-intrusive home-cage monitoring via Digital Ventilated Cages (DVC®): Applications and data analytics with 24/7 automated data collection
07:10 –
07:30 pm
Sterling Ortega
(Iowa City, USA)
Adaptive immune cell activation in acute pediatric traumatic brain injury