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Hot news II

Tuesday, 09.10.2018 | 05:30 – 07:30 pm

05:30 –
05:50 pm
Zoran Redzic
(Kuwait City, Kuwait)
Secretome profiles of cytokines and chemokines during oxygen deprivation indicate that rat astrocytes but not brain pericytes contribute to inflammatory response
05:50 –
06:10 pm
Saema Ansar
(Lund, Sweden)
Advanced theranostic nanocarrier-mediated delivery of NGF in a combination therapy stimulates recovery after stroke
06:10 –
06:30 pm
Scott Olson
(Houston, USA)
Cell Therapy and Coagulation
06:30 –
06:50 pm
Dirk Herrmann
(Essen, Germany)
Postacute delivery of GABAA α5 antagonist promotes postischemic neurological recovery and periinfarct brain remodeling
06:50 –
07:10 pm
Koji Abe
(Okayama, Japan)
Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion accelerates Alzheimer’s disease pathology with cerebrovascular remodeling in a novel mouse model
07:10 –
07:30 pm
Srecko Gajović
(Zagreb, Croatia)
Correlating multimodal in vivo imaging of neurorepair elements after
ischemic brain lesion in the mouse